About Us


  Quinte Trap & Gun Club has been in operation since 1956 and located at its present location since 1976. Nestled in the rolling hills of Sidney Township, the club provides a scenic and private location to enjoy the sport of trapshooting. The club has 5 registered trap fields all outfitted with voice activated release system as well as three automatic PAT traps.


 The members, roughly 50 active, are a mixture of young and old, men and women, We have a mixture of the serious trap shooters and the weekend casual shooters.


The club was originally started in 1956 by a group of rabbit hunters who were met with some challenges to find hunting properties. Doug Johnson was able to find a deal on a mechanical trap machine and some property was purchased on the Putman farm, off highway 37, north of Belleville. The original building was a 12x16 open shed used primarily to store the targets. The first shooting games were 10 bird events due to the fatigue of setting the trap machines. The members consisted of about 10 – 15 hunters who regularly met at the Crystal Hotel, one of Belleville popular meeting establishments. The club was at its original location for about 5-6 years.


In about 1962 the club was able to secure a 7 acres parcel of land on Philburn Road in Sidney township. With that, they could enjoy the sport in a more rural location. With the convenience of hydro,  2 electric trap throwers were purchased. The members built a 20x20 club house and grew to a group of 50-60. During the years of 1962-1976 the Quinte League of trap shooters was born. Clubs from Picton, Cobourg, Kingston, Napanee, Peterborough, Madoc and Belleville met on a regular basis to compete. The influence of the ATA increased the demand to throw registered targets. The competitions in those days consisted of up to 100 shooters.


By 1976 the demand for more space and trap fields led the member to their present location of the Frankford road. With financial help from some of the members and a Wintario grant, a 116 acre parcel was purchased,  a 40x40 concrete club house and 5 trap fields were built.


Thanks to the dedicated work from members like Floyd Clapp, Don Mattison, we’re now able to enjoy the present day facilities.


As told by Jack Ruttan, one of the original members.